"Here's How a Sick Person Suffering From ANY Autoimmune Disease Can Eliminate Their Symptoms & Get Their Life Back...

... even if you've already "tried everything."

Get to the root cause of your condition, heal from your autoimmune disease, and reclaim your vitality…

If you could go back in time, would you
change *this* moment?

There was a moment – a month, a year, or even 10 years back. You sat in a room. Palms sweating. Nervously waiting to hear the door open again…

Then… a moment of quiet anxiety when your seemingly well-intentioned (and woefully ill-prepared) doctor came in and pulled out a notepad.

You watched eagerly as he quickly jotted down something on the paper, ripped it off the pad, and handed it to you.

Prednisone, Cyclosporine, Azathioprine…


The moment lasted maybe 2 seconds (but seemed like it lasted a lifetime).

You remember the “it’s going to be okay” smile that he cracked as you took the paper from his hand. And the instant sense of relief you got when you left the office.

It was the promise of a better life..

He promised you could “beat” your autoimmune disease with a synthetic cocktail of chemicals more foreign to your body than anything it’s ever encountered.

Maybe you asked yourself…

“Do I have to depend on these meds for the rest of my life?”

Yet, your doctor’s trusting smile and promise of “better days” pushed those doubts into the back of your mind.

It was that smile – and that promise…

… that kept you from realizing you’d just been given a life-sentence.


You need to know that that critical *moment* wasn’t your fault.

For myself (and the thousands of people I’ve treated)…

We’d give anything to travel back in time and make a more informed choice.

A better one.

Yet we also know that we made the choice we truly believed was best for us at the time.

Really… the ONLY choice we had.

Now… I can’t offer you a re-do… but I can offer you a shot at recovery…

Dr. Nuzum’s Autoimmune Recovery Course...

This course can help with ANY autoimmune disease. That’s because every autoimmune condition has the same root cause – a breakdown in your body’s immune system due to chronic inflammation. So, by supporting your immune system, detoxing, and fortifying it against future breakdowns… you can eliminate your symptoms, no matter what disease you have.

Ready to get healthy again?

When you enroll, you’ll get IMMEDIATE access to my 6-module online video course. Once inside, we’ll take a deep dive into the root causes of your autoimmune disease. I’ll explain the environmental factors that contribute to your illness and how you can make the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes to support your immune system, achieve your goals, and reclaim your vitality.

Understand How All Disease Develops...

Every autoimmune disease follows the same pattern - irritation, inflammation, and infection...

Reverse Your Autoimmune Disease...

You'll discover how to heal from, prevent, and beat any of the 80+ autoimmune diseases that exist...

Heal Your Body From the Inside Out...

All disease is rooted in the gut (aka "microbiome"). If you heal your microbiome, it will heal you....

Fortify Your Immune System...

Once your symptoms are gone, you'll see how to fortify your immune system against future attacks...

Here’s what people are saying...

Dr. Nuzum’s experience is vast. He looks at the whole body system and how it all works together. Rather than just treating symptoms, he gets to the root of the problem and works toward whole health…

Cheyanne Welton

Registered Nurse

I have healed from things I thought I couldn’t…

“I’m 60 percent better with no medications. My sleep improved, energy, chronic pain almost gone, and feel like I have answers to always get better. I can’t wait to make this a lifestyle, eating tons of veggies and continuing detox, I can’t imagine what will happen after a year of change…”

Sarah J. Graham
Sarah J. Graham


More people should follow him and learn from him…

“Everything he does…. more people should follow him and learn from him. Dr. Nuzum’s explanations are great and he makes it easier to understand.”

Crystal Stafford


I used to be so severely depleted that walking down the road would put me into fatigue and depletion…

“Dr. Nuzum is gifted and anointed in healing the body, and called in his field. I had severe thyroid issues and adrenal depletion. A page long of symptoms i could not resolve and no energy at all. I was only 37! He helped guide me through stabilizing, and rebuilding my thyroid function naturally and my adrenals. The difference over 1 year was astonishing.”

What's Inside the Course?

Enroll now & get immediate access to these six modules

Module 1: What's An Autoimmune Disease & How Does it Develop?

This module will break it all down and explain what autoimmune disease is and what it's doing to your body. My goal, ultimately, is to help you understand and get you back to feeling your best.

Module 2: The Three I's: Irritation, Inflammation, and Infection

Every single autoimmune disease follows the same path. First, there's an irritant. Then, the immune system responds with inflammation. Lastly, if left unchecked, the inflammation leads to an infection (your disease). It's important to understand how you got your disease, so you can then "back your way out of it," and beat it.

Module 3: How Gut Health Affects Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune disease begins in the gut and is healed in the gut, but how? The gut is your 30+ foot long tube called the digestive tract or gastrointestinal tract thats forms a protective barrier between your intestines and the outside world. If this goes bad,your immune system follows.

Module 4: What Triggers An Autoimmune Disease?

We'll discuss the biggest autoimmune triggers Americans are exposing themselves to. Like fast food diets, pharmaceutical drugs, things in your home, environment, water, and even antibiotics (to name a few).

Module 5: Doc Nuzum's Detox Protocol

Dr. Nuzum developed a specific protocol for his autoimmune patients which has helped them with every kind of autoimmune disease known. It begins with stabilization, then proceeds via detoxification.

Module 6: What to Do Now (a.k.a. Fortification)

After you've stabilized and are seeing your symptoms vanish, what's next? Well, you need to strengthen your body and immune system to be effective at fighting off any future attacks. This is the final stage called "fortification."


You Also Get These 3 Free Bonuses

Enroll now and get immediate access to three powerful bonuses… all designed to help you get better, stay better, and reclaim your vitality.


Doc Nuzum's Book

Get Doc Nuzum's wildly popular book (Digital Download) as bonus #1 when you enroll. In "Detox for Life" you'll learn:

Why detoxification is critical to the healing process, the four detox protocols for various levels of cleansing, the source of many toxins & how to minimize them, how toxins contribute to chronic illness & disease, what nutrients your body needs to heal efficiently, and how supplements can fortify deficiencies in your diet.


Detox Friendly Recipes

Dan and Gina Nuzum's "autoimmune friendly" recipes can assist in ridding your body of toxins and bringing it back into healthy balance.

This is because eating a healthy, varied diet will help you maintain gut health, and will also keep your liver working optimally to naturally detoxify the body. With these easy to make recipes, you'll have an entire arsenal of whole, healthy, and nutrient rich foods at your fingertips.


Autoimmune Meal Plans

Get the step-by-step meal plan to reclaim your vitality.

Mainstream medicine treats your autoimmune disease with immunosuppressive medications which put your body at greater risk of harmful infections. The good news is that a dietary lifestyle changes can decrease the severity of your symptoms, halt the progression of disease, and possibly prevent the problem from occurring again in the first place.

About the Course Teacher:
Dr. Daniel Nuzum

Daniel Nuzum is a seasoned and dedicated medical professional with proven expertise and demonstrated success as a Doctor of Osteopathy, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Doctor of Indigenous Medicine, and a Doctor of Natural Medicine, and a researcher and formulator for Dr. Nuzum’s Nutraceuticals. Please note that Dr. Nuzum is not a Western Medical Doctor nor does he claim to be one. He does not practice Conventional Medicine.

A pioneer in the industry and an expert in Naturopathic medicine with immense field-work experience, substantial research contributions, and significant private practice experience in which he has treated more than 15,000 patients throughout his dynamic and comprehensive career, Dr. Nuzum exceeds what it means to be an industry leading practitioner.


Here’s what people are saying about Doc Nuzum

Doc Nuzum has dedicated his life to helping people just like you. His greatest desire is for you to be empowered when it comes to your health, life, and well-being.
Shelly Todd
Cheyanne Welton

Business Owner

So full of hope…

“Absolutely love Dr Nuzum. I’ve been listening to all his wonderful knowledge for a while now. So full of hope for a healthy tomorrow. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Patricia Puddle
Patricia Puddle


He knows so much about how to heal…

“Dr Nuzum is amazing and easy to talk to, even from Australia! He’s not only an Osteopath, Naturopathic Physician and Medical Acupuncturist, he’s an author who knows so much about how to heal from autoimmune system illnesses.”

Helen D Le Roux
Helen D Le Roux

Interior Design

A man of wisdom and knowledge…

“Dr Nuzum is a man of wisdom and knowledge, kind, and he really cares about people. He can explain something so that you can “see” it in your mind’s eye! His medicine is outstanding quality. If Dr Nuzum can’t help you, he will recommend the next best person or institute to help you. It is an honor to know him.”

It's time to finally heal...

I specifically designed this course to help anyone who’s been diagnosed with any type of autoimmune disease find a real, practical, long-lasting, and true solution for lifelong health and happiness. This program is perfect for anyone who wants to address:
  • Alopecia
  • Celiac Disease
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Graves’ Disease
  • Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Polymyositis
  • Psoriasis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Scleroderma
  • Sjögren’s Syndrome
  • Type I Diabetes
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Vasculitis
  • Vitiligo

… or ANY of the 80+ autoimmune conditions!

You don’t have to settle for a lifetime of chemical cocktails and prescription drugs with side effects often worse than the disease they’re supposed to treat. You can live a vibrant and healthy life, regain your well-being and vitality, and feel better than ever.

Ready to take back your health?


Everything you need to beat your autoimmune disease

$ 297


100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

This course will empower you on your journey with autoimmune disease. And although I can’t guarantee specific results I’m confident that if you follow my directives, you’ll see an improvement. If the information wasn’t what you needed then we’ll happily give you a refund.

You've tried everything else... It's time for something new

I know that if you take this course seriously… you have the potential to permanently improve your health.

Valecia Mckenzie


I didn’t know if I could take another step…

“Doc is helping save me. I didn’t know if I could take another step…. A asked the creator to please help me. A friend at work told me about Doc and he is helping me to heal rather than take all the prescriptions and mask the problems. I have been sick for 20 years and for the first time…. My hope is being restored. My body is responding amazing to Doc’s treatment. I believe I will be whole again and medicine free with the help of Doc.”

Lisa Diacik
Lisa Diacik


So thankful for his practice…

“Dr. Nuzum is patient, kind and you are not a number with him, yet an individual I would take any member of my family to him and am so thankful for his practice!”

Mary Cable
Mary Cable


The only one I have found who understands the human body…

“When my family doctor had no more answers for my sarcoidosis except to load my up with steroids, Dr. Nuzum was able to get it under control within a month. He is the only one I have found who understands the human body on the cellular level, and treats the disease…not just the symptoms.”

Frequently Asked Questions...

Why would this course work for me?

My course gives you the tools you need to directly impact your health and beat your disease. To do this, you must invest not only in this program, but also in yourself. It's a process. That means watching the video lessons, reading my book along with them, and eating the right foods (plus supplements) for your particular needs. You'll have our support and everything you need to live a life free from disease. But you have to commit to the process.

Is this right for my specific autoimmune condition?

This course can help people with ANY autoimmune disease. That’s because every autoimmune disease has the same root cause - infection as a result of inflammation, that was caused by irritation. By getting your immune system on track and to the place where it's no longer attacking you, you can be symptom free.

Can I do this at my own pace?

Yes. I specifically designed my 6-module video course to be consumed one module at a time, at your own pace. You have lifetime access to the course and can move through it as quickly or slowly as you'd like.

What if I don’t have time to cook?

When you’re living with an autoimmune disease, the last thing you want to do is put one more thing on your plate. The bottom line though is that we all have the same number of hours each day. And others I've treated have made their healing a priority and done this already! That’s why the meal plans are simple - to help ensure your success.

What if it doesn’t work?

Dr. Nuzum has directly impacted the lives of thousands of people suffering from autoimmune disease and seen lifelong lasting results. So, if you follow the protocol, he's confident that you will get better. But, in the unlikely scenario that you aren't satisfied, we have a guarantee in place for 30 days which you can read about on this page.

Are supplements included?

You can make this work without supplements. But they are helpful in speeding up the process.


Everything you need to beat your autoimmune disease

$ 297

dr nuzum

Let me be your guide...

I hope you’ll join me inside this course so you can get your life back by taking control of your autoimmune disease. If you commit to my process and follow along, you’ll have the absolute potential to be symptom-free.

In love & healing,

Doc Nuzum

daniel nuzum

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