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Autoimmune Recovery Course

By Dr. Nuzum


Autoimmune Recovery Course

By Dr. Nuzum

Course Level: All Levels


Categories Autoimmune Conditions

Duration 3.48 hours

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Last Update 17 July 2021

About Course

This course can help with ANY autoimmune disease. That’s because every autoimmune condition has the same root cause – a breakdown in your body’s immune system due to chronic inflammation. So, by supporting your immune system, detoxing, and fortifying it against future breakdowns… you can eliminate your symptoms, no matter what disease you have. Ready to get healthy again?


When you enroll, you’ll get IMMEDIATE access to my 6-module online video course. Once inside, we’ll take a deep dive into the root causes of your autoimmune disease. I’ll explain the environmental factors that contribute to your illness and how you can make the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes to support your immune system, achieve your goals, and reclaim your vitality.

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Let me be your guide…

I hope you’ll join me inside this course so you can get your life back by taking control of your autoimmune disease. If you commit to my process and follow along, you’ll have the absolute potential to be symptom-free.

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About Author

Dr. Nuzum Teacher

Dr. Daniel Nuzum is a seasoned and dedicated natural medicine practitioner with proven expertise and demonstrated success as a Doctor of Osteopathy, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Doctor of Indigenous Traditional Medicine, and a Doctor of Natural Medicine. He is a researcher and formulator for Dr. Nuzum’s Nutraceuticals.

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